The Hidden Self, or Bastard Prince Tarot Spread (an elaboration)

I am a modern woman. I take inspiration for my practice from the world that is around me. I live in a world of media, where stories influence us probably more than ever before.

One of the stories that influence me is that of Captain Sean Renard, from Grimm, which is a fun, yet dark, police procedural/fantasy TV show with engaging characters and intricate, yet absorbing and easy to follow storylines.

Semi-spoilers for Season Two ahead, but you don’t have to know Grimm or like it to use the spread.

Renard hates a big part of himself, so he ignores it and pretends it doesn’t exist, as far as he can do that when it’s something physical. Since others are of the opinion this part of him is disgusting, it fuels that self-hatred and helps him turn his anger and disgust outwards as well.

However, because he buries something of himself he doesn’t like, he buries a lot more of himself; beautiful things about himself, whether by intent or because subconsciously, those traits remind him of what he is trying to hide. And we are all guilty of that.


There is an explanation of how to use this spread at my Tumblr. It is part of the #CraftaSpread competition, so if you have a Tumblr, please vote for me by liking the Tumblr post.

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