How to Cleanse and Dedicate a Grimoire, Book of Shadows or Other Spiritual Workbook

how to.jpgThis is a tutorial for what I call a ‘working book’. As in, I write or draw or stick things in it until it is full, and that is the only criteria. It is not meant for display, or to be indexed. It is a book that you ‘show your work in’, to borrow a maths phrase, not a text book. It can be full of scribbles and crossings-out if need be.

The steps can be done in any order. It’s probably better to do this before you begin, but I did it after I had started in the book, it seems to be okay.


This is where you tell the book who it is, who it is for, and lay any protection on it. It the book is in serious need of a cleanse, I would recommend you cleanse it first.


In case you can’t read it, here’s what I put:

On the left page, there is a book curse. There is a long history of this things,  they are curses written in books that affects anyone who mistreats it.

Mine was a bit fly-by-night, and reads:

‘Steal this book or hurt its pages,

Feel a pain in your chest for ages.’

On the facing page, it has the title ‘Druid and Spirit Studies’, the date I started. The two things I have yet to include are: the finish date, and my name. I will be using my birth name for this book, and I didn’t want it on the Internet. (For no legal reason, it’s just a stupid name and everyone over the age of thirty cannot help but take the piss.)



I have rested tools symbolic of those I plan to use in it: a pencil and a rubber. I have also placed a small amethyst, part of a bay leaf, an unknown stone but it wanted to go there (it looks like the night sky would if the stars were gold) and a piece of what I think is flint. The shape reminds me of a flint tool, so I have kept it for that reason.


What Notebook Should You Use?

Anything you’ve already got should be fine, provided it’s empty of course. If you want something special, what about one of these?

I’m Really a Witch Journal


“Wicca” Notebook


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