Book Review Monday – Urban Druidry by Brendan Howlin

Buy it here: The Handbook of Urban Druidry: Modern Druidry for all

So this is basically a handbook, 101 style introduction to Urban Druidry as a thing removed from Druidry as a whole. Howlin says that the exercises included are open to anyone of any spiritual path.


The meandering, talkative nature of the book might annoy some people, but it put me much in mind of a gentleman who took the bus I used to take daily – ‘I’ll tell you another thing about the bloody Allotment Committee!’


That said, each small chapter is followed by a checklist of the exercises mentioned, so it is easy to put them in place and keep track of them.


The exercises and tips themselves are based on good evidence and sound sense. Howlin takes a balanced view of most things – in the chapter on medicine for example, he takes the sensible view – neither wholly for nor wholly against modern or herbal medicine. You can’t use modern medicine for everything – for example, the more you take antibiotics, the less they work – on all of us. The same goes for herbal stuff, too – it’s not gonna treat cancer or a broken leg.


(I’m a nurse’s daughter – I am obligated to mention the antibiotic thing at every opportunity.)


The exercises deal with everything from becoming more aware, to basic Druid knowledge, to knowing yourself and your health to living lightly on the land, which is a beautiful turn of phrase.

I would recommend this book, not only to people interested in Druidry but to anyone taking their first steps into a more sustainable lifestyle or someone just looking to be a bit more aware of what they do and the world around them.

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