Book Review Monday : The Druid Way Made Easy by Graeme K. Talboys

The Druid Way Made Easy by Graeme K. Talboys

This book explores what it calls Celtic or Druidic Metaphysic, and how to bring that way of viewing life into the modern world, instead of last week’s more practical book.


We are given a quick and succinct history of the Druids, being that there isn’t one, and of the Celts. Talboys proposes that although vast distances and differing cultures made the different tribes just that, they probably shared a similar overarching metaphysic. Considering the similarities between this Celtic Metaphysic and the super old fashioned, essentially Celtic-Christian values I was taught growing up, this seems logical.


The information is presented in logical chapters and sub-sections, which made for easy reading. This was a lot of new information for me, so I appreciate the deft simplification without dilution of said information that Talboys pulls off.


There are two passages that really struck me. One is about sovereignty, about being given the power but also the responsibility to look after your people and your land. About how sovereignty and humility are not opposites. This really put me in mind of the Green Man and the Green Woman card in my favourite Tarot Deck, the Wildwood Tarot. Those cards speak much the same lessons, and it was good to see it elaborated on.


The other I can try to sum up as this: A person does not cease to exist at their epidermis and the world begin there. We are all connected, because we are all one.

This is a book that describes beliefs and values without getting either sentimental or preachy, and is well worth a read.

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