Book Review Monday: Wild Earth, Wild Soul by Bill Pfeiffer

Wild Earth, Wild Soul by Bill Pfeiffer is an introduction and a manual to teaching a workshop he calls a Wild Earth Intensive.


This book is a useful read even if you never intend to teach a WEI – as I mentioned in an earlier post, this book has wisdom useful for any teacher, instructor or mentor, teaching any subject.


The purpose of WEI is to re-teach people how to connect with the land and with the community in a way beyond consuming. It teaches you how to teach other people in the arts of listening, of feeling, of play, of story and ritual and art and all other kinds of connections.


These lessons are important to any community and any teacher, not just the Indigenous inspired WEI.  The emphasis on giving people the skills to satisfy their own curiosity, in giving them ways and means and outlets to express creativity and build relationships with no defined point to them.

It also focuses on healing the wounds we gain from watching our world burn, which was interesting and not a point I have seen raised. We do feel despondent and unable to change things, and it is important to express, accept and heal those feelings before they fester and become even worse. The book also explains, confronts and teaches you how to heal the separation of self from nature, and this false idea that human survival is based upon competition, not cooperation.

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