Book Review Monday – A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Food by Rachel Patterson (NO PUMPKINS!)

Buy it here: A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Food

Hooray for magical food that isn’t USA-centric! If you don’t like or can’t get bloody pumpkins and yet want to learn to cook seasonally and magically, look here.

This is not just a cookbook, it also has guides to eating seasonally, brewing magical recipes, and has massive correspondence list for all kind of edibles. (It’s my favourite sort of correspondence list. No, not ’cause it’s food although that helps. It’s because Patterson explains why x thing has y qualities. )

But I’ll start with the recipes first.

This is a more British/European centric cookbook, although I don’t think it sells itself as such. But the distinct lack of pumpkins is refreshing.

There is a mix of recipes, some more traditional ones we’ve stopped eating, some more modern ones, and some that reflect Britain’s multicultural diet. There’s also a Gluten Free one, but if you’re experienced in food for any dietary concern you might have, you should find the recipes easy to adapt, as the magical ingredients are listed, along with why  they have been chosen.

Although this book is not about wildcrafting, in the seasonal/sabbat food sections it does detail several plants you can wildharvest from according to season. Of course, consult a proper wildharvest book or website to make sure you can identify the plants you wish to pick, and also consult any people you know who harvest from the wild in your area (30 miles or so). I know for a fact that in my area chestnuts are only available for the fortnight that ends September and begins November, but the list is a good place to start.

Hooray for a big long correspondence lists that you can freestyle from, hooray for recipes for every taste, hooray for reasons behind why you did that, and HOORAY: NO PUMPKINS.

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