It’s Okay Not to Read Your Own Tarot Cards

why it's okay.jpgA lot of the paid readings I do are for other magic-y -woo types, often other Tarot readers. A lot, okay. I myself have purchased  Tarot readings from other Tarot readers, and I will continue to do.

I, and many other, and probably you if you’re reading this, do not feel comfortable reading for ourselves on deeply emotional issues.

This is not because I am unconfident in my Tarot readings. It is because it’s easy to read meanings into things that simply aren’t there. This is why omens and messages from the wild often aren’t true.

Sometimes seeing a pigeon doesn’t mean that girl on the train wasn’t interested. Some times it’s just a pigeon, and you totally should email her. She gave you her card, right?

Anyway, I’m digressing. It’s totally okay not to trust yourself when you have an emotional investment in the outcome of the situation. It’s normal. It’s far too easy to deliberately misread something to make it seem like a certain outcome is true, and it’s also easy to be lead astray by false information that you think is true. That’s why I don’t read for close family and friends either. I have a pre-conceived notion of the situation, and it’s too easy to accept that as truth and not listen to the cards.

Not reading for yourself doesn’t make you a bad Tarot reader. It makes you a normal human being who can be lead astray by their own feelings. You are a better reader if you admit that you can’t do everything, and choose to work where you’re strongest.

When I work with a client, my objective is to give them the tools and advice to get through the problem and make the situation better. I help them solve the problem, I give them what they need, not what they want. It is much harder to do that for yourself, so never feel ashamed that you can’t.

It’s a difficult thing to do, and it’s okay to ask another reader for their impartial advice.

It is why we are here.


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