Introducing the Pagan Business Project!

introducingOr PBuP for short.*

So, what is it?

Every week I’ll be sharing  an interview with someone working as a Pagan Businessperson – whether they’re an author, a DJ, a shop owner or something else, they will be someone whose business has a solidly ‘Pagan’** point to it.

As well as that interview, I’ll be sharing my brief thoughts and advice on the particular topic brought up, in the same post.

They’ll also be another post each week about the more hard and fast technical points of running a Pagan business, both looking at why running a Pagan business is different that running a non-Pagan business, but also why it’s not. If the interviews are inspiration-porn, this part is the tutorial part.

I’m also looking for guest posters, and when I finally move house again***, there will be podcasts and videos as part of this project, as well as for this blog as a whole.

*The little ‘u’ counts, so it doesn’t clash with the other PBP, the Pagan Blog Project.

** We can argue until the cows go to the moon about what precisely is Pagan. I’m looking and featuring people who a) practise magic and/OR b) have an earth-centered religion and/OR c) have a religion that is not precisely Pagan, but one may confuse it with Paganism on a dark and foggy night. Basically, if you have some sort of ‘woo-ness’ in your business, you’re in.

*** We moved across the country but the house at the other end fell through. Now we’re in a rental and we’re not bothering to unpack until we move into an actual house.

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