5 Lessons from Pluto Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde(If you’re wondering why all of the Retrograde posts at the minute, that’s because 5 planets decided to go Retrograde at the Same. Damn. Time.   Fun.)

What Happens When a Planet Goes Retrograde?

See the Mars Retrograde post for an  full overview, but basically it goes backwards and anything it rules also goes backwards.

What Is the Difference Between an Inner Planet and an Outer Planet?

Pluto’s status astronomically is irrelevant, because astrologically it’s still a planet.  An Outer Planet, to be precise. An Outer Planet plays its effects out over a much longer time – a whole generation of people will have Pluto in a particular place in their charts. This means the planets  a) go retrograde for longer and b) their retrograde is less immediately knee-quakingly BAD. (Although, I do explain why Retrogrades are kinda like injections at the doctors rather than great horrible stab wounds in the Mars Retrograde post.)

Since the Outer Planet Retrogrades deal more with grander feelings and less with specifics, there really is only one lesson with Pluto Retrograde: LET SHIT GO. Since Pluto is Lord of Inner Looking, you are going to be confronted with all of your bad habits and behaviours.  Since at the time of writing, Mars is also Retrograde which is causing you to look back into your past, you will find the answers of why you do certain stuff, and how to not to do it.

Here are some examples to kick start the process:

Bad eating habits

This is not just comfort eating, yo yo dieting and masking your feels with sugar, although those are all bad.

How much of your life are you spending contemplating or talking about what you put in your mouth?

‘Healthy’ eating can quickly become an unhealthy obsession, especially when you’re using it to mask something else.

Can we all just stop ascribing moral judgement to food? Most people couldn’t care less whether you’re having the cake or the salad, and anyone that does is another thing you can remove from your life.

Fuel your body properly, but don’t let it become an obsession, or use food as a way to mask or replace something else.

Using food as a crutch is a weirdly difficult thing to let go of; so don’t feel down if you’re struggling with this. Sugar plays directly with our chemical emotions and it is addictive. As always, if you’re really struggling, seek help.

Spring clean. Everywhere.

You don’t have to do it in a day if you don’t have the energy. In fact, I recommend you don’t, because you won’t. Sort out one small area at a time, and really sort it.

(NEVER go full on with decluttering. Always ends in tears.)

This time, when you declutter, think about why you kept each item. Was it a gift you felt obliged to keep? A keepsake that didn’t really do anything or fit anywhere, but you had it anyway? Something that no longer fit you, but you kept in the vain hope you’d magically lose weight/gain weight/grow two inches? Something you’ve been meaning to mend for the past decade? Something useless you picked up because it was really cheap?

Get them sold, get them donated, get them gone.  Vow not to fall into the same trap again.

If you need a kick up the arse regarding physical clutter, and you have kids, realise this: you will die. You will die, or before then, you might become ill or disabled, and it will fall to your kids to deal with your crap instead of you.

Do you want to be like my Dad and try and find a reason to justify why you’ve kept almost empty paint tins from twenty years ago to your exhausted daughter who’s just spent an entire morning cleaning out your kitchen? The answer is: no, you do not.

But don’t forget that the physical is not the be all and end all of clutter. The other steps in the post will help you deal with spiritual and mental clutter, but have you thought about virtual clutter? My mother has more than 7000 unread emails in her inbox. Please learn how to use the sweep, mass delete and/or block function in your email client. You will feel so much better. It’s not just emails of course, when was the last time you curated your social media accounts? Defragged your disks? Went through your files?

(Psst: Sometime this week there’ll be a post on Virtual Cleaning on ResurrectionJewelry.)

Checking In With the Body

Do you really listen to your body anymore? Its pain? Its pleasure?

When was the last time you saw a doctor?

When was the last time you ate a vegetable?  Conversely, when was the last time you had a treat?

The body is not some sinful thing that weighs down your soul. It’s one of the most important part of you, and needs looking after and listening to.

Learn to speak the language of your body again.

It will tell you when you need to rest, when you need to eat something, when you need to change what you eat or when you need to run.

Listen to your pain instead of ignoring it. You can’t fix something you won’t acknowledge.

We are all stuck with the bodies that we have. All we can do is listen to them, and make the best of them.

Re-learn the difference between self-centered, and selfish.

Every human is self-centered. It is, however, easy to step over the line to selfish. You can take advice and comments about this from other people, but always take them with a pinch of salt.

Sometimes people are trying to make you feel small about yourself so they can manipulate you.

Sometimes people just plain don’t like how you are, and if you don’t really like them deep down, let that go.

However, we all have bad habits, and if someone you’re close to has a problem, try working with it/them. The best habit you can get into is really listening to people.

If you decide the person you’re listening to isn’t worth bothering with, than you can discount their advice.

But the only way to get the true measure of a person, is to listen. And the only way you can listen, is if you’re silent.


I can’t tell you* where to change your inner self, but you can use this time to look deeper, and clean out all the crap. It’s a sucky process, but apparently so is everything worthwhile.

What thing/person/attitude have you got rid of this week?

(*Except I totally can with a Tarot reading from my shop, but you know what I meant.)


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