PBuP: 0?: Jewelry and Rescue Pigeons with BK

This week I’m talking to BlaqKatJewellry about balancing business with a spiritual calling.

(Talk of animal harm, but no details below)


Why did you specifically pick to make pagan/witchy jewelry?

I’ve been a practicing Pagan for years and always wanted to run my own little Pagan shop. I had visions of how the shop would look, where the items would be displayed and how I would grow it. However life happened and I just never got the chance, but the desire never went away.

Eventually I figured that while I might not be able to start a full Bricks and Mortar Pagan shop, that I could at least take small steps in that direction. So when I found Etsy I knew that was perfect for me. I started with jewellery quite by accident in fact I had actually planned on starting with candles as I love to make spell candles.

However I was bored one day and uncovered an old jewellery making kit I’d purchased (on a whim) years ago. I tinkered around and created several pieces all very Pagan-oriented probably because those are the items that I wear. After getting compliments on them when I wore them out, I started to create more and more pieces, things that I would love to wear, things that inspired me.

My jewellery has been really well received, especially my Chakra pieces and charm bracelets so this is still at the forefront of my shop, though I have branched out to include items such as book marks, pottery and keyrings and I am still planning to branch out into even more products.


Do you see your animal rescue as part of your spiritual practice, or as a calling?

My animal rescues are definitely a calling. Since I was little and found a little dead bird on the side of the road, I felt moved to look after the Earth’s wild things. It felt so wrong that they could be killed and injured so easily, often by people who were not being careful or who didn’t understand their impact on the natural world.

In my time I’ve rescued a plethora of wildlife and have become a go-to person for others who find injured animals. I would love to move this calling into having a full animal rescue sanctuary to run to help in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured wildlife.

While my animal rescuing is a calling, my deep love of nature is also connected to my spirituality, as I truly believe you cannot be a Pagan without reverence to the Earth and all her creatures.

What’s your best piece of advice for someone who wants to start a pagan business?

I think the best piece of advice is that you need to understand that a Pagan business, just like any business takes a lot of time and effort. I’ve seen a lot of people rush into starting their own business, then 2 months in they are querying why they have no sales. It’s a long process, it’s a continual process. Very few businesses hit success overnight. You have to build up your brand and your stock.

You need to know your products, know your strengths and weaknesses and create processes to streamline your business to make it efficient.

That may sound very jargon-y but it’s actually true. Making the products is the fun part, but running a Pagan business is more than just creating jewellery or making candles or incense etc. There is all the official side too including keeping accounts, doing taxes, dealing with customer queries/complaints, about marketing and pricing. All this can affect your business.


Etsy Shop – http://blaqkat.etsy.com/

Website – http://blaqkat.weebly.com/

Blog – https://witcheryandwhiskers.wordpress.com/

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