How to Survive Mercury Retrograde


How to Cope

(First thing’s first, if you’re not sure what any Retrograde is, check out the beginning of this post.. If you’re wondering why all the sudden posts about Retrogrades, five planets decided it would be hilarious if they all went Retrograde at the same time. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. We’ll be looking at Jupiter and Saturn next week. Hooray.)

Honestly, it’s not as bad as you think.  I know Mercury Retrograde gets a really bad rap. I can’t think why a planet that rules communication, contracts, the Internet and electronics in general, going backwards would cause anyone any distress… /sarcasm.

Still, as with any Retrograde you just gotta roll with the punches and try and learn the lessons that the planets bring. If you’ve got any sort of problem that you’re avoiding, the Retrogrades will ceaselessly bring it up. It’s probably better to use that energy to deal with it instead of trying to shove it back in the sock drawer.

Here are nine things to bear in mind when Mercury goes … weird.

Think before you speak.

Someone summed this up very well, and forth he life of me I can’t remember who.

Anyway, there are three questions you should always ask yourself before you open your mouth, lest you suddenly put your foot there.

‘Does this need to be said? Does this need to be said by me? Does this need to be said by me now?’

Read terms and conditions.

And not just written ones either.

A lot of relationships come with unspoken terms, conditions and boundaries.

The key to a successful friendship and/or romantic relationship, and indeed family life, is to all be on the same hymn sheet about what is acceptable and expected in the relationship.

Jobs are exactly the same. You can’t expect the new girl to suddenly fall in with your office culture of At Least An Hour’s Overtime Every Day* without telling her that’s a thing.

In my experience as a Tarot reader, I suspect at least 60% of problems can be solved with an Uncomfortable But Necessary Adult Conversation.

Don’t be Nick Burkhardt** and go around asking all of your friends and acquaintances about your girlfriend’s sudden life issues without talking to her first. Really.

Truth is relative.

There is no such thing as complete and unvarnished truth.

Everyone’s perception is influenced by their experiences, beliefs and mental state at the time.

You will never get closure by asking for the truth. You get closure by accepting what you were presented with, healing and moving on.

You will never know why he left you/why she cheated.

In the grand scheme of things, the whys are not always important.

Sorry about that.

Are saying/doing what you meant?

Ah, childhood. ‘But Muuum, I didn’t mean that.’

Intent isn’t always magic.

For example, my Grandmother probably thinks she’s doing me a favour when she puts my fresh laundry on top of my altar.

My stepmother probably thought she was helping when she pulled my jewelry business to pieces.

Thing is, they weren’t.

They didn’t ask whether I would actually like for those things to occur, just assumed that because they’d find it acceptable and pleasing, so would I.

I’ve done it too. We’ve all done it. Just assumed that everyone can read our minds and see precisely what we meant by any action or conversation.

And we’ve all hurt people by doing it.

Just talk to people. Really. Please. Just ask someone if they want something doing.

Oh, and if someone consents to being given your advice, make sure they know when they’re letting themselves in for. What one person sees as friendly advice, another sees as an insult.

Speak up.

Still riffing off the ‘People aren’t mind readers’ thing, what about your words left unspoken?

Alright, some of them probably don’t need to be spoken to another human being, but they don’t need to fester inside of you either.

You don’t have to be ‘good’ at art or writing for it to be helpful.

You have permission to release anything that you want to say into a journal. No one will judge you. It’s your own private space to let go and say what you have been repressing for so long.

Information Overload

We spoke in another post about not hate-reading blogs and why you shouldn’t do that.

You also shouldn’t carry on reading/watching/doing stuff that you’re a bit ‘meh’ about.

Give yourself permission to not consume media that doesn’t fire you up (in the right ways). I know people who’ll read a book to the end even if they’re not enjoying. How. Why. Stop.

You’re also hereby freed from having to read/watch/listen to something as soon as it comes out.

And, and, and you honestly do NOT have to answer the phone just because it’s ringing.  Carve out space and time for yourself to just Not Do.

We live in a 24 hour world, but we are not 24 hour people. There is no way you can possibly catch up on EVERYTHING so stop trying.

How are you coping with Mercury Retrograde?

*Personally I think that’s a shitty office culture anyway, but the point stands.

**Y’know, from Grimm. No-one has a conversation in that show about emotions until it’s far too late. Least of all Nick.



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