TwiceResurrected (1)

Super Easy Strangle Curse

You’ll need only two items:

– a poppet of any description, so long as it has a solid and defined neck or belly. You can purchase wax ones from my shop if you’d like.

– an ordinary hair tie (Grey or black is preferable, but yellow is my personal colour for sickness, so you could use that. Use what you have.)

This is a curse for someone you see almost daily,  and if they’re doing something you don’t like when you’re around to see it. Whether that behavior is directed at you or not.

  1. Name and shame your target. If you’d like to give them a warning, hang the hair tie loosely from it on the first day.
  2. Tie the hair tie around it once on the first day.
  3. Are they still doing the thing? Wrap it around again, make it tighter.
  4. Keep going until it can’t get any tighter. Leave it for nine days, then dispose of it.


(Please note: All spells are written here as curios. I fully believe in the power of what I teach but I cannot take responsibility for what happens should you perform them due to the law in the UK. Please stay safe and obey local laws.)

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