Five Palmistry Myths

5-palmistry-mythsPalmistry Myths

The Length of My Life Line Is How Long I’ll Live

False. The length of your life line actually tells you how much energy you have. The longer the line, the more passion and curiosity for life you have. The deeper and stronger the line, the more physical energy and motivation you have. A short life line indicates that you struggle with motivation, have little energy, or are a person that prefers to stay at home.

You Can Tell How You’ll Die

Nope. To be honest, I reckon there is nothing on the planet that will tell you that, because who wants to know? You’ll get early warnings about health or reckless behaviour on your palm, like you will with Tarot or other systems, but there’s no footnote in Death’s book with your name and time of death. Learn to listen to your body, and you’ll avoid most dire events.

Fate is Set in Stone

Again, not true. The lines on your palms will actually change and move throughout your life. The only thing that stay the same are the shapes and sizes of your fingers (once you’ve finished growing, of course). This means that whilst you’re born with a certain set of personality traits, levels of extraversion, creativity, emotional awareness, events and decisions can change the way you think and behave.

If there’s something you don’t like in your palm, eight times out of ten you can change it.

The other two times? Well, sometimes when we stop fighting our own nature we feel a LOT better.

You Can Tell Things About My Partner on My Hand

Sometimes people come to me and ask if their partner is unfaithful. How they expect me to know that by reading their hand, instead of their partner’s, is beyond me.

I can tell you if you’re worried about that possibility, and I can tell you if you’re the sort of person to worry over nothing, or put words in your partner’s mouth, but without reading the hand of the partner I can’t tell you if they’re cheating or not.

I can’t tell you anything about other people in your life during a palm reading, I can only tell you how it is affecting your behaviour, and draw a conclusion from there.

There’s Only Three Lines

The three lines everyone knows are the Heart Line, the Head Line, and the Life line. But, there are about ten other lines that may or may not be on your palm. During a palm reading, I also look at the shape and size of your palm, your fingers, and your knuckles. I look at your fingerprints, and the squares, triangles and stars that might show up on your palm. I also check the mounts – small fleshy pads beneath your fingers and around your thumb.  I look at your thumb, your wrist, the side of your palm, your fingernails, the temperature of your hand and even the way you give a handshake.

…I’ve probably missed a few other things. Long story short, your entire life story is played out in miniature on your hands.

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