Week Ahead Tarot Spread

Week Ahead Tarot Spread


This is a spread that can also be used daily, and works very well with runes as well. It’s incredibly simple, yet can give you some vital insights.


  1. What You Need to Think About – a sort of ‘card of the day’, almost. This is a notion, energy or thought that you should keep at the forefront of your head throughout the week. Are you being urged to be kinder? Are you being told to rest more? Are you being warned about deceit in your circle?
  2. What You Need to Do: This card refers to a specific ‘action’. Do you need to ask for a promotion? Do you need to call your Mum? Do you need to take a day off?
  3. The Challenge: This card will give you a warning about what will crop up to stop you from achieving the above. Pay attention the other cards, especially Number 1 as that might give you clues about how to overcome this challenge. Is the challenge a person? Yourself? Circumstances? Money?

This is a good spread to do regularly and record the results in a journal. Not only will you have a record of your progress in Tarot, but you’ll be able to see what advice crops up on the regular. If you’re being told to keep a lid on your anger more often than not, you might need to learn ways to control your emotions or find a less stressful job. This can be a valuable guide to ourselves, and give us inspiration about specific questions to ask the Tarot (or ourselves) when we can sense there’s something amiss but just don’t know what.

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