Stepping Into the Light

stepping-into-the-lightCreating a Better Life For Yourself

Changing for the better is not easy. Any sort of change is difficult, and we resist it. The training montage in movies often leaves out the sheer reluctance to even try.

Where we are is safe and dark. It might not be where we want to be, but it is an easier place. We can complain all we like, but we won’t move from it, because not trying means not failing.

Often in life, there is no clear consequences to attaining a goal either. You can forsee yourself getting a degree or a promotion, but … what comes after?

That fear of the new and strange can be paralysing. Most people don’t even realise they can be scared of something good, and wonder what is wrong with them. They catatrophise, making mental lists of all that could go wrong.

After all, it is safe and dark in the hole.

But I’m making a commitment to myself to not do that any more. It’s hard to stick your head above the parapet. It gets harder every day, as more often than not you get hit in the face with a rock.

But those days that you don’t? Those days where you can see forever, feel the sun on your face, and have or do something truly joyful? Those days are worth fighting for.

So this is my commitment to fight, and I hope you’ll make one too.

Here are the rules of the battle:

  • No trash talking myself. I can’t stop the negative thoughts coming, but I can refuse to listen.
  • Fuel my body with the right things. Water, fresh fruits and veggies. Joyful and sensible people, who realise the depth of the fight ahead. No ‘just think positive’ snake oil.
  • Do one thing everyday that scares me. I will pitch editors. I will reach out to influencers. I will launch products. I will speak to the cute guy on the bus. I will tell the haters to piss off.
  • I will spend half an hour a day on spiritual matters, and half an hour a day making some kind of art. It doesn’t have to be good. It doesn’t have to be right. It just has to be done.
  • I will finish projects, instead of letting them drag on or giving up on them.
  • I will listen to myself, and rest when I need to.

Will you join me in this fight to create something better for ourselves?

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