The Bad Cards in Tarot

the-bad-cards-in-tarotThe Bad Cards in Tarot

Why People Are Scared

It’s part of the human condition to be scared of the unknown. A lot of people when they get over their fear of Tarot in general, then become frightened of the ‘bad’ cards. I think that as readers if we get over ourselves and our own fear of being scary, and stop trying to convince people that the Death is Super Not Scary and Wholly Light or whatever, we’d be doing not only the community a favour, but anyone who is interested in Tarot.

Life sometimes sucks, and sometimes it sucks really bad. If everything was going great, you probably wouldn’t bother with reading the cards. Here are some ways that ‘bad’ cards might be interpreted. When you ignore bad things out of fear, you only limit yourself. The world isn’t lightness and sparkly unicorns. It’s wholly neutral, and sometimes you get tripped up and drop your stuff everywhere. Bad cards in Tarot can be a warning to look where you’re putting your feet, a clue as to how you’ve landed yourself in a dark place, or a simple ‘Life sucks, dude. I’m sorry about it.’

As a Warning

If you’re asking questions like ‘Should I do a thing?’ and you’re getting all manner of swords and Towers in response, then you should not do the thing. I know this is common sense, but we’ve all ignored dire warnings because we were SURE the thing would work out.

But whilst we’re on the subject of things not working out, make sure to bear the following things in mind:

  • ‘Not now’ doesn’t always mean never (unless we’re talking about people giving consent, in which assume the person will tell you if they change their mind)
  • ‘Not that precise thing’ still means you have options open
  • ‘Not like that’ indicates you’re going about things to wrong way

Warnings can also be about other people’s behaviour towards you. Take these as they are – it’s always good to be suspicious. If someone explodes when you question their motives, they’re guilty as Hell. People who mean you well might be slightly narked at the suggestion, but will forgive you. Obviously, you don’t go running up to someone shouting ‘The Tarot said you’ve done a Bad,’ but keeping your mind open to bullshittery never did anyone any harm.

As Bad Behaviour

Sometimes it’s you doing a Bad. Getting bad cards in a reading can be an insight into behaviour that you need to modify. Remember always that just because you did a Bad, doesn’t mean you are a Bad. Bad people don’t tend to take correction or constructive criticism very well. Take heed of what you’re being told, and try the new way you’re being shown.

We All Have Cycles

Life can’t be good all the time. The Wheel of Fortune will always spin – sometimes we’re at the top, and sometimes we’re at the bottom. Sometimes, life just sucks, and you have to keep moving forward and building it back up.

Sometimes, things have to die for us to move on. A muscle is broken down before it gets stronger. So long as we can keep the lantern of hope going in our darkest times, we’ll do okay.

My Favourites of 2016

my-witchy-favourites-of-2016-1As this is the time of year for giving, I thought I’d give you a list of the people and products that have helped me most this year.


Druid Life – Nimue has this wonderful way of looking at life, and her blog is packed full of wisdom.

ThisCrookedCrown – If you’re looking for witchcraft resources, there is no better place to look than here.


I recently restarted my Tumblr, and have found many super cool blogs.

DuskenPath – My go to resource on astrology magic, energy work and sheep photos.

SpiritsCraft – Sara is super good at making ancient stuff really easy to understand.


Gordon White/RuneSoup Sometimes, on my day off, I sit with my rag rug and just read/listen to everything on this site. So many fascinating topics.

New World Witchery – they normally talk about witchcraft, but recently they’ve done some ghost and horror stories for the Hallowe’en season which I LOVED. I mean, their other episode are awesome too, but ghost stories, man.


Top 5 Pagan Books  I still stand by these books as being the best I’ve read in 2016.

The Encyclopedia of Crystals, New Edition – As far as a beginner or reference text for crystals goes, you can’t go wrong here.


Living by the Moon – Still only $7. Great course.


Vitamin D Capsules – Apparently, something like 60% of the British public have lower Vitamin D than optimal. According to my GP anyway. I managed to finally absorb enough Vitamin D out of the prescription only ones I had to take, and now I only need over the counter ones. Have a word with your doctor before you start taking them, but they’ll probably do you the world of good.

Harry Potter Colouring Book  – This is really fun. It’s got a mix between large patterns and detailed pictures of the characters and scenes from the movies.


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Lessons from Jupiter Retrograde

Lessons From Jupiter Retrograde

jupiter-retrogradeJupiter is the planet of wealth, luck and expansion. When He turns Retrograde, all those things can turn sour. However, like any Retrograde, the trick is go with the flow. Jupiter Retrograde is a great time to get a better look at yourself. Try asking the following questions:

Are you happy with your career?

Sometimes we go into things with the best intentions, the best of our knowledge, and all the love in the world, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Or sometimes things change, or sometimes we change.

It’s time to really look at what you want out of your career, and whether you’re getting it or not.

Are you leaving room for expansion?

Are you just ticking off your to do lists, or are you creating something that will move you forward? Are you tackling new challenges, or getting bogged down in the everyday?

Do you need to go back to school?

This can be a literal return to academia, or it can be more figurative. There as many ways to learn as there are subjects. What area of your life can be improved by learning? Can you learn to fix your car so you don’t have to spend so much on professional help? Can you take extra courses at work to improve your performance? Can you study that hobby you’ve always wanted to at home?

Can you get a better perspective?

We spend our lives so focused on the everyday that sometimes we miss the bigger picture. How can you climb the proverbial hill in your life to get a different view?

What do you need to fix?

Fixing physical things, like possessions, cars and houses are a great activity to do during Jupiter Retrograde.

10 Most Useful Spell Ingredients

10 Most Useful Magical Ingredients


It can be intimidating trying to build a collection of magical items. It all sounds so expensive! But the truth is, you need very little to do most types of spells. Here are my personal favourites that I won’t be without, and why.

White Candle

White light contains all the colours in the world, so white anything is a great stand in when you don’t have particular colour to hand. If I didn’t enjoy making my own candles, I’d probably never bother buying anything but black and white.

Black Candle

Black isn’t a ‘colour’ strictly speaking, so I like to have black and white candles. Black candles are used to break down any barriers, and make a good addition to any spell to break down any blocks preventing the spell from coming to fruition.


One of the most versatile stones. Amethyst is good for sleep issues, protection, increasing psychic power, basic healing, dream magic, intuition, meditation, inner working and reconciliation with the self.


The cheapest of the self-cleansing stones. Quartz will make make any crystal grid self cleansing and self powered, never needs cleansing, and will happily sit and work away at whatever function you’ve set it to. Which can range from anything to protection, to drawing good things, to cleansing, to gaining power.

Copper Item

Copper has many associations – from protection, to money, to raising energy. You can build a meditation pyramid out of it, use the wire to build tools or jewelry, or you can add it into crystal grids.


Sugar is super important in a lot of witchcraft traditions. Sugar can be used to draw just about anything to you, and due to it’s relationship with money and wealth, is a great cheap addition to money spells.


Whilst salt won’t keep every nasty at bay, it forms the basis of many hexes, curses and protection spells. It is also useful as a protective element by itself, so long as you have enough personal power or powerful ingredients, like crystals or herbs, for it to draw power from. You can also implement sigils so the salt with ‘eat’ the energies or entities it repels, and draw it’s power from them instead.

Pen and Paper

Sigils, symbols and seals all need just a pen and paper to be used. There is an entire world of magic that be utilized with just a pen and paper.


Pins can be used to stab poppets, to carve symbols into candles, and used in witch bottles as protection.


Cinnamon can used in great quantities in many protection spells or hexes, or in small amounts in love, sex, motivation and money spells.

Saturn Retrograde

Seven Lessons From Saturn Retrograde


Saturn is an Outer Planet, and so goes Retrograde less frequently. The Outer Planet’s Retrograde often encourage us to look deeper into our feelings and thoughts, rather than towards our behaviour and processes, like the Inner Planets.

Saturn Retrograde encourages us to ask the following questions of ourselves:

Are you following your own moral code?

There is a saying that we despise in other what we fear in ourselves. Sometimes, we can get caught up behaviours we wouldn’t tolerate in other people. From petty theft, being snappish and rude, to talking to ourselves in a way we’d never stand up for coming from someone else.

Saturn Retrograde is a good time to see whether you measure up to the standards you are placing on everybody else. If you can’t, consider why.

Is your set of morals too strict?

Everyone is human. Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes hurt other people. Are you holding yourself to a higher standard than is needed?

Bigotry  and holier-than-thou behaviour all happen when you are just a bit too interested in other people’s private lives. Live and let live, huh?

Are you confusing desirable personality traits with ethics?

If I could get rid of one phrase in the English language, it would be ‘work ethic’. Being a hard worker doesn’t make you a better person than anyone else, and it’s about time we stopped prioritizing charisma, ‘work ethic’, and ambition over things like kindness, decency and politeness.

We work to live, not live to work.

Are you letting sadness overwhelm you?

Dealing with sadness and grief is never easy,  and it can creep up on you and consume you without you even noticing. Taking time for yourself to do something happy, fulfilling or simply exciting can bring some colour back into the world.

Remember that if you’re really struggling to speak to your doctor.

Are you taking on too much responsibility?

In this modern world you’re supposed to pride yourself on being ‘busy’. Not even successful, or good at what you do, mind, just ‘busy’. This is complete crap, and the sooner you realise that being busy just makes you tired, sad and grumpy, the easier it is to stop being busy.

We can be bullied into taking on more work or harder work and responsibility that we are capable of, or ready for. It is not shameful to say no. It is not shameful to protect your time off, your breaks and your sanity.

Are you letting shyness stop you from moving forward?

Do you dream of being more, doing more but can’t seem to make the steps towards reaching your goal? Saturn Retrograde is a great time to look at your fear responses.

And to remember that bravery is not the absence of fear, but of feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Where are you limiting yourself?

There are many reasons why we can limit ourselves. We’ve already looked at fear and sadness, but we can also feel that we don’t ‘deserve’ something, which can hold us back from achieving what we desire.

Let me tell you something right now: nobody ‘deserves’ anything. Except maybe a kick in crotch every now and then. Money, accolades and dreams aren’t handed out to the most deserving. They’re given out to people who did the work and had the motivation and courage to get it done.

Let this knowledge set you free – you don’t need to ‘prove’ you ‘deserve’ anything to get it.