The Bad Cards in Tarot

the-bad-cards-in-tarotThe Bad Cards in Tarot

Why People Are Scared

It’s part of the human condition to be scared of the unknown. A lot of people when they get over their fear of Tarot in general, then become frightened of the ‘bad’ cards. I think that as readers if we get over ourselves and our own fear of being scary, and stop trying to convince people that the Death is Super Not Scary and Wholly Light or whatever, we’d be doing not only the community a favour, but anyone who is interested in Tarot.

Life sometimes sucks, and sometimes it sucks really bad. If everything was going great, you probably wouldn’t bother with reading the cards. Here are some ways that ‘bad’ cards might be interpreted. When you ignore bad things out of fear, you only limit yourself. The world isn’t lightness and sparkly unicorns. It’s wholly neutral, and sometimes you get tripped up and drop your stuff everywhere. Bad cards in Tarot can be a warning to look where you’re putting your feet, a clue as to how you’ve landed yourself in a dark place, or a simple ‘Life sucks, dude. I’m sorry about it.’

As a Warning

If you’re asking questions like ‘Should I do a thing?’ and you’re getting all manner of swords and Towers in response, then you should not do the thing. I know this is common sense, but we’ve all ignored dire warnings because we were SURE the thing would work out.

But whilst we’re on the subject of things not working out, make sure to bear the following things in mind:

  • ‘Not now’ doesn’t always mean never (unless we’re talking about people giving consent, in which assume the person will tell you if they change their mind)
  • ‘Not that precise thing’ still means you have options open
  • ‘Not like that’ indicates you’re going about things to wrong way

Warnings can also be about other people’s behaviour towards you. Take these as they are – it’s always good to be suspicious. If someone explodes when you question their motives, they’re guilty as Hell. People who mean you well might be slightly narked at the suggestion, but will forgive you. Obviously, you don’t go running up to someone shouting ‘The Tarot said you’ve done a Bad,’ but keeping your mind open to bullshittery never did anyone any harm.

As Bad Behaviour

Sometimes it’s you doing a Bad. Getting bad cards in a reading can be an insight into behaviour that you need to modify. Remember always that just because you did a Bad, doesn’t mean you are a Bad. Bad people don’t tend to take correction or constructive criticism very well. Take heed of what you’re being told, and try the new way you’re being shown.

We All Have Cycles

Life can’t be good all the time. The Wheel of Fortune will always spin – sometimes we’re at the top, and sometimes we’re at the bottom. Sometimes, life just sucks, and you have to keep moving forward and building it back up.

Sometimes, things have to die for us to move on. A muscle is broken down before it gets stronger. So long as we can keep the lantern of hope going in our darkest times, we’ll do okay.

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