Hi, I’m Siobhan!

Here at TwiceResurrected, I write about a wide variety of mythical, magical, medical and esoteric subjects. My goal is to make complicated concepts, ideas and practices simple, suitable for the savvy beginner and intermediate. I hope you leave this blog with practical steps that you can take to vastly improve your life.

I write about:



Holistic Health



and similar things.

I am an author, artist and professional Tarot Reader. I have  been reading the Tarot for over seven years, and also have experience with rarer forms of divination like runes, oracles, wax divination, dice divination and bibliomancy.

I sell readings and other goodies at my shop here.


Sometimes I even attempt to be funny.

I am currently booking events, talks, workshops and other cool things for 2017, if you would like to book me (as a Tarot reader, teacher or guest speaker) for your event, please email: emmasiobhanjohnson@gmail.com)




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