Spell Saturday #8 -Writer’s Inspiration Charm

Writer’s Inspiration


Struggling with #NaNoWriMo? Or any other long haul writing project? Try this goofy little trick on for size.

You will need:

– an empty tic tac box or small closable container

– glitter, in as many colours as possible (or foil, torn up. Shiny stuff.)


– bay leaves (ground)

– ground frankincense

– gold leaf

– theatre charm

– oak leaves, whether real or paper


1. Clean the tic tac box.

2. Add glitter, and any optional items

3. Close up the box and shake whenever you need inspiration.

(Please note: Not responsible for anything you choose to do in your own time. But if something fantastic happens, please give me a shout out on Twitter: @x2resurrected)

Spell Saturday #7 – Theatre Charm for Performers, Crew and FoH

Theatre Charm SpellTheatre Charm/Knot spell

You will need:

– the thinnest fishing line, preferably the stuff they’re actually using in the show


– bee charm – ant charm – gold, silver, purple and yellow beads -spiral/labyrinth charm -transparent or pale purple or yellow flowers


Make as much of this as you can in a theatre. Not an abandoned one.

1. Say: ‘Knot of one, spell’s begun.’ Make as many knots and loops as you can with the fishing line. When you’re done, it should be short enough to safety pin to the inside of a costume.

2. Say: ‘Knot of two, it will come true’ Add optional items. Try and stay away from any negative energies, before you close the spell with:

3. ‘Knot of three, so shall it be.’


(As always, please note that I can take no responsibility for any of these spells due to legal reasons, please use caution and common sense when doing, well, anything.)

Book Review Monday – Pathworking Through Poetry by Fiona Tinker


Buy it here: Pagan Portals – Pathworking through Poetry:Pagan Pathworking through poetry: exploring, knowing, understanding and dancing with the wisdom the bards hid in plain view.

I urge you not to overlook this book just because the author may not be involved with the same pantheon as you. The skills taught in this small volume are valuable to any person who is interested in communicating with Deities who may have been ‘forgotten’, so to speak.

The author has selected a bunch of poems and not only demonstrates how to use critical thinking and poetry analysis skills to find hidden meanings and clues, but also how to use the concepts and stories as meditations/journeys to communicate, worship and journey to various Deities.

This book impressed me with the subtle details – like how Gods are NOT spell ingredients, but actual People who should be approached with respect, and the easy to learn skills that are easily lifted from the examples given and put into practice elsewhere.

Although, if you are from an Irish/Scots or Druid/Celtic based tradition, you will find this especially useful.


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Art Journals

I fell in love with art journaling in 2013, and have done it ever since. It is the best way for me to explore feelings that I can’t yet quantify. I like to share my journals, I like to look at other people’s journals – I could list a bunch of artistic or spiritual reasons, but primarily I’m just bloody nosy.

If you’ve taken a look at my YouTube channel for the BudgetWitch videos, you will have seen that I film flip-throughs of my journals. I’ve just added another today, and I will do that every Tuesday/Wednesday for the next couple of months at least.

I have a great many journals, I have a drawer full in my bedroom and a box full in the attic. I have kind of slowed down with art making recently, part of that is due to my recent full time employment, part of that is a change in art style. I think I am becoming much more intricate in my art  – which is bloody difficult for someone with dyspraxia! I am nineteen years of age and still can’t colour between the lines, as you will see when I finish and film my current journal, As Yet Untitled.

Here is the link to my most recent video. I am going to be making prints and digital collage sheets from my journals in the coming months, so if you have a favourite page, do let me know!