My Favourites of 2016

my-witchy-favourites-of-2016-1As this is the time of year for giving, I thought I’d give you a list of the people and products that have helped me most this year.


Druid Life – Nimue has this wonderful way of looking at life, and her blog is packed full of wisdom.

ThisCrookedCrown – If you’re looking for witchcraft resources, there is no better place to look than here.


I recently restarted my Tumblr, and have found many super cool blogs.

DuskenPath – My go to resource on astrology magic, energy work and sheep photos.

SpiritsCraft – Sara is super good at making ancient stuff really easy to understand.


Gordon White/RuneSoup Sometimes, on my day off, I sit with my rag rug and just read/listen to everything on this site. So many fascinating topics.

New World Witchery – they normally talk about witchcraft, but recently they’ve done some ghost and horror stories for the Hallowe’en season which I LOVED. I mean, their other episode are awesome too, but ghost stories, man.


Top 5 Pagan Books  I still stand by these books as being the best I’ve read in 2016.

The Encyclopedia of Crystals, New Edition – As far as a beginner or reference text for crystals goes, you can’t go wrong here.


Living by the Moon – Still only $7. Great course.


Vitamin D Capsules – Apparently, something like 60% of the British public have lower Vitamin D than optimal. According to my GP anyway. I managed to finally absorb enough Vitamin D out of the prescription only ones I had to take, and now I only need over the counter ones. Have a word with your doctor before you start taking them, but they’ll probably do you the world of good.

Harry Potter Colouring Book  – This is really fun. It’s got a mix between large patterns and detailed pictures of the characters and scenes from the movies.


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Stepping Into the Light

stepping-into-the-lightCreating a Better Life For Yourself

Changing for the better is not easy. Any sort of change is difficult, and we resist it. The training montage in movies often leaves out the sheer reluctance to even try.

Where we are is safe and dark. It might not be where we want to be, but it is an easier place. We can complain all we like, but we won’t move from it, because not trying means not failing.

Often in life, there is no clear consequences to attaining a goal either. You can forsee yourself getting a degree or a promotion, but … what comes after?

That fear of the new and strange can be paralysing. Most people don’t even realise they can be scared of something good, and wonder what is wrong with them. They catatrophise, making mental lists of all that could go wrong.

After all, it is safe and dark in the hole.

But I’m making a commitment to myself to not do that any more. It’s hard to stick your head above the parapet. It gets harder every day, as more often than not you get hit in the face with a rock.

But those days that you don’t? Those days where you can see forever, feel the sun on your face, and have or do something truly joyful? Those days are worth fighting for.

So this is my commitment to fight, and I hope you’ll make one too.

Here are the rules of the battle:

  • No trash talking myself. I can’t stop the negative thoughts coming, but I can refuse to listen.
  • Fuel my body with the right things. Water, fresh fruits and veggies. Joyful and sensible people, who realise the depth of the fight ahead. No ‘just think positive’ snake oil.
  • Do one thing everyday that scares me. I will pitch editors. I will reach out to influencers. I will launch products. I will speak to the cute guy on the bus. I will tell the haters to piss off.
  • I will spend half an hour a day on spiritual matters, and half an hour a day making some kind of art. It doesn’t have to be good. It doesn’t have to be right. It just has to be done.
  • I will finish projects, instead of letting them drag on or giving up on them.
  • I will listen to myself, and rest when I need to.

Will you join me in this fight to create something better for ourselves?

Modern Demons

modern-demonsThree of the Most Feared Modern Demons

Earphone Tangler

A tiny imp that lives in your pockets, just waiting for you to put your phone or MP3 player inside. They tangle up your earphones, and feed off your frustration as you try and untangle the rat’s nest of wires that were perfectly straight a minute ago…

Printer Jammer

Printer says: Paper jam.

You remove paper. You switch printer off. You switch printer on.

Printer says: Paper jam.

You say: There is no paper.

You take apart printer, piece by piece. You spend a weekend putting printer back together. You switch printer on.

Printer says: Paper jam.

You scream. You resolve to buy new printer.

Your partner turns on printer.  Document prints perfectly.

You think you’re going mad.

And so goes the saga of the invisible Printer Jammer.

Fake Notificator

Causes that tingly feeling where you swear your phone just rang. I mean, that was definitely the Instagram alert tone you heard, right? A small, spider shaped demon that lives on phone hand. Likes to partner up with the Earphone Tangler to frustrate you further.

What modern demons frustrate you? Let me know in the comments!

Five Palmistry Myths

5-palmistry-mythsPalmistry Myths

The Length of My Life Line Is How Long I’ll Live

False. The length of your life line actually tells you how much energy you have. The longer the line, the more passion and curiosity for life you have. The deeper and stronger the line, the more physical energy and motivation you have. A short life line indicates that you struggle with motivation, have little energy, or are a person that prefers to stay at home.

You Can Tell How You’ll Die

Nope. To be honest, I reckon there is nothing on the planet that will tell you that, because who wants to know? You’ll get early warnings about health or reckless behaviour on your palm, like you will with Tarot or other systems, but there’s no footnote in Death’s book with your name and time of death. Learn to listen to your body, and you’ll avoid most dire events.

Fate is Set in Stone

Again, not true. The lines on your palms will actually change and move throughout your life. The only thing that stay the same are the shapes and sizes of your fingers (once you’ve finished growing, of course). This means that whilst you’re born with a certain set of personality traits, levels of extraversion, creativity, emotional awareness, events and decisions can change the way you think and behave.

If there’s something you don’t like in your palm, eight times out of ten you can change it.

The other two times? Well, sometimes when we stop fighting our own nature we feel a LOT better.

You Can Tell Things About My Partner on My Hand

Sometimes people come to me and ask if their partner is unfaithful. How they expect me to know that by reading their hand, instead of their partner’s, is beyond me.

I can tell you if you’re worried about that possibility, and I can tell you if you’re the sort of person to worry over nothing, or put words in your partner’s mouth, but without reading the hand of the partner I can’t tell you if they’re cheating or not.

I can’t tell you anything about other people in your life during a palm reading, I can only tell you how it is affecting your behaviour, and draw a conclusion from there.

There’s Only Three Lines

The three lines everyone knows are the Heart Line, the Head Line, and the Life line. But, there are about ten other lines that may or may not be on your palm. During a palm reading, I also look at the shape and size of your palm, your fingers, and your knuckles. I look at your fingerprints, and the squares, triangles and stars that might show up on your palm. I also check the mounts – small fleshy pads beneath your fingers and around your thumb.  I look at your thumb, your wrist, the side of your palm, your fingernails, the temperature of your hand and even the way you give a handshake.

…I’ve probably missed a few other things. Long story short, your entire life story is played out in miniature on your hands.

Six Creepiest Hallowe’en Superstitions


Six Creepiest Hallowe’en Superstitions

What’s Hallowe’en without scaring yourself silly at nothing?

Ghosts in the pocket

If you go out after dark on Hallowe’en, you must turn your pockets inside out to prevent ghosts hitching a ride in your pockets. This is the sort of Tamagotchi pet you don’t want.


If a bat circles a house three times, someone inside will die before the year is out.

Footsteps of Death

If you hear footsteps behind you on Hallowe’en, don’t turn around – it could be Death, or a departed soul.

Staring into the face of Death is a good way to join him…

Headless Shadow

If you cast a headless shadow, or no shadow at all, on Hallowe’en, you are sure to die Or you’re the Horseman of Death. Both are situations you want to avoid.

Blown Out Candle

If a candle is blown out as if by a breath, but there is no wind, it has been blown out by a Spirit.

Cats Playing With Spirits

Cats will play with things you can’t see. They’ll stare at them. Miaow at them. Bat at figures you can’t perceive. Hiss at them. Run away from them. Hide from them.

And the worst thing? They do this all year around.

Sleep tight!
What Hallowe’en superstitions scare you most? Share them in the comments!