Spell Saturday #9 – Workplace Harmony Spell

Workplace Harmony Spell

Workplace Harmony

This is a general workplace bonding thing. If there are a few particular people causing a problem, rather than general disharmony, there is a different spells for that – that will be next week’s.

– candles in white, blueand black

– essential oil of Peony or lavender

sugar, or Sticky Sweet Success blend which is sugar, rose petalshibiscus flowers
and ground juniper berries

Dress the candles with the oils.

Set the candles up as above. The tealight furthest to the front is the blue one. The black one doesn’t have to be a taper, it was just what I had at the time.

You sprinkle the sugar/Sticky Sweet Success in a circle around the candles.

Light them. Imagine everyone being sickly sweet to each other, polite, civil, peaceful.

(My candle correspondences were: blue, communication, white, cleansing, starting afresh and I always use a black and a white candle when doing ritual like spells like this – white to give extra power to the spell and black to burn away any blocks or obstacles away.)

(Usual notice: Can’t take responsibility for you, please be safe with fire and flammable objects. Links in post may be affiliate links.)

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