Tarot Decks I Use

I currently only use one deck for professional readings, and that’s the Wildwood Tarot.


Buy it here: The Wildwood Tarot

I’d had my eye on it for ages, and picked it up at an MBS fair. I was attracted to it by the massive stag on the box, if I’m honest, because I have a Thing* for stags and I think I was being nudged by the Spirit Guide.

Anyway, I took it home and fell in love with it. It is very simple to use, and has the name and number of the card on each card so is perfect for beginners, or people who have used a traditional deck and want to branch out into something different.

However, it is not a simple deck, and I learn something new every time I read it. It is a very inutitive deck, and you are urged in the guidebook to form a relationship with the cards beyond what the guidebook tells you. I am endlessly impressed, not just with the use of the cards, but with the novella-sized guidebook that comes with, the depth and detail of the imagery, and the general sturdiness of the cards and box.

I am learning to use the Gods of the Machine deck, and hope to offer it in the shop around August, to coincide with the possible appearance of myself at Lincoln Steampunk Fair.


Buy it here: The Steam Punk Tarot: Wisdom from the Gods of the Machine

This is the other Steampunk deck, not the famous one, but I preferred the look of this one. It’s different, and features Steampunk paraphernalia other than cogs and gears. I can’t give you many reading points on this one yet, but it is also an intuitive deck.

What’s especially good about this deck is that the guidebook includes twenty two spreads in it, one for each of the Major Arcana. This deck uses reversals, and gives detailed hints and tips about reading each card in a number of ways.

If you’re looking for a Steampunk deck, I recommend this one.

Buy it here: Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot Deck (Anne Stokes Collection)

This was one of my first decks, and whilst it is stunning, I don’t think it’s a good deck for beginners. If you already read with traditional decks, you’ll get on great with this one. It’s got a touch of drama about it when you read with it, which goes very well with the beautiful illustrations for the court cards and Major Arcana.

*A spiritual Thing, not a weird Thing

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