PBuP 01: Mother Shipton, Spell Kits, and the Great Etsy Witch Hunt

Today I’m talking to Di from Trulymagick, about the Great Etsy Witch Hunt, and the importance of customer service.


“Our family are linked to old Mother Shipton on my father’s side. His family came from Knaresborough Yorkshire and a Capstick married a Shipton.

I have been a practising witch all my life. I have always cast spells from the age of 3 when my parents gave me my first wand for Christmas. I was so disappointed I could not turn my little sister into a frog!! So I decided to make my own wand and live a life as a faerie.
As I grew up I learnt the craft and how to live a positive life. I studied all forms of spirituality and absorbed as much info as I could.
In 2012 I decided to try to earn my living as a full time witch and spell caster so launched a few spell kits on ebay. All 10 sold with in 10 days…so that was all I needed to start to create the shop…I just knew people needed my kits.
I was flooded with questions and requests. I opened Trulymagick on Etsy and the sales flew out. Last year Etsy changed their policy on spells and spell casters so it was a bad time for many of us. I have had to remove over 100 items and go underground with some items. However I am very public on Facebook and my website http://www.Trulymagick.co.uk is just launched.
My advice for Pagan shops on Etsy is to build up customer relations. Be very honest about what you do and how you do it. Chat to the clients. Support other pagan and witchcraft shops by making treasuries and support the pagan communities & teams.
I am not prepared to hide what I do as my customers need my products and are intelligent people who are capable of deciding what is misleading or not. If Etsy wants to stop spell casters, conjures then that is their choice . I will comply, but my own website will be where my journey continues.”
More from Di:
Siobhan’s Advice: Always check Etsy’s, or eBay’s or any third party websites terms and conditions about what you are allowed to sell, and how. They can and will change their terms as they like, so make sure you check often, and ask if unsure. I know from experience Etsy tries to inform you directly to any policy change regarding spellcraft, readings etc, which is nice of them, but you can’t expect them to message 1000+ shops. Also check your local laws, and make sure your customers check theirs. A disclaimer of ‘Sold as curio only, can legally make no guarantees’ usually absolves you even in the case of enchanted items. Usually. Check the law, and check terms and conditions of any third party websites. ┬áIf you don’t like or can’t work within Etsy or eBay’s T&C, then follow Di’s advice and start your own website. How to do that is something we’ll be looking at over the course of the Pagan Business Project.
Have any questions about this topic, or other topics to do with Pagan Business? You can comment here or email me at: emmasiobhanjohnson@gmail.com

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