PBuP 02: Respect the Deer

Today I’m talking to Sara, from DreamweaverSpirit, about working with animal allies, and the importance of originality.

Green Man 3 (1)

“Having my own business has been my dream for as long as I can remember. I have always loved creating things and been passionate about magic and witchcraft, so I thought why not combine the two and sell what I make? Not only would I be creating something beautiful that could be worn or used, but I would also be imbuing the piece with magical energy that could help the person that it was made for. Helping someone on their spiritual journey and gaining their friendship is the most rewarding part of what I do.

Green Man 1

Deer energy is intentional for many reasons. The Celtic God Cernunnos is one of my favourite Gods. He is the Stag Lord, The Spirit of the Forest and I have a deep love and respect for trees and nature. Deer is also one of my Totem animals and my Native American astrological sign. I like to work with all animals, they are great teachers and have much to give humans. Unfortunately, many people do not see this. I like to help people understand what a precious gift they are. When an animal wants to be made or wants to give me it’s message, it starts showing itself to me, it’s everywhere I look. It comes to me in my dreams, when I go out, on the internet, on the front page of a magazine…It is everywhere demanding my attention. I also give a percentage of what I make to various animal charities. It’s my way of saying thank you to our animal brothers and sisters.
Green Man 4
Try and be as original as possible. They are so many websites selling the same old thing and people like to have something unique and unusual. Also take the time to listen the buyers and try to be supportive. A lot of people are after help and advice as much as the piece that they are buying. Lastly be patient and have faith in yourself and in what you are selling. The right person will always come at the right time. The Gods are always on our side if we believe in the Magic.”

Siobhan’s Advice: It’s tempting to follow the crowd when it comes to business, thinking that if they are getting sales they’re doing something right. And that’s useful to an extent, but when you copy someone too much, you become the same and that means less sales for both of you. Your Pagan business must come out of your Pagan practice, or it will not stick. Sara knows what makes her shop DreamweaverSpirit stand out, and that’s what makes her business work, because the only place you can get something like what Sara makes, is from Sara.

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