Art Journals

I fell in love with art journaling in 2013, and have done it ever since. It is the best way for me to explore feelings that I can’t yet quantify. I like to share my journals, I like to look at other people’s journals – I could list a bunch of artistic or spiritual reasons, but primarily I’m just bloody nosy.

If you’ve taken a look at my YouTube channel for the BudgetWitch videos, you will have seen that I film flip-throughs of my journals. I’ve just added another today, and I will do that every Tuesday/Wednesday for the next couple of months at least.

I have a great many journals, I have a drawer full in my bedroom and a box full in the attic. I have kind of slowed down with art making recently, part of that is due to my recent full time employment, part of that is a change in art style. I think I am becoming much more intricate in my art  – which is bloody difficult for someone with dyspraxia! I am nineteen years of age and still can’t colour between the lines, as you will see when I finish and film my current journal, As Yet Untitled.

Here is the link to my most recent video. I am going to be making prints and digital collage sheets from my journals in the coming months, so if you have a favourite page, do let me know!

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